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Scruff’s Bar

Scruff’s Bar is a location from the comic book I am working on about Ruff Dangerbork a detective dog. Dangerbork is based around 1800’s Ireland.

Character Profiles

Scruffy Muffin Aka. Scruff

Scruff is an alley cat who was raised by dogs. Now he runs a bar/tavern which is quite profitable due to the illegal sock trade going on in the attic. He is one of Ruff Dangerbork’s best friends.

Ruff Dangerbork the detective pupper is on the case! Ruff is of course based on Sherlock Holmes, though he has been restored to his original country of origin. Ruff is featured wearing the Armstrong clan tartan, as my Mother’s is an Armstrong which can be traced back to Scotland. The character of Sherlock Holmes was originally based on a Scottish surgeon. The erasure and intolerance of the Irish and Scottish people by the English is a long standing research interest of mine.

Miss Delilah is Dangerbork’s one true love, though it was not meant to be due to a difference of species he will love her forever. Miss Delilah is a Galway sheep, Ireland’s only native domestic sheep still in existence. The breed is currently part of the Rural Environment Protection Scheme that pays additional subsidies to the breeders to aid the survival of the breed.

Dr. Lickson is Ruff Dangerbork’s steadfast partner in all his detective work. Lickson is of course an Irish Terrier.

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